History of Aura Imaging

Aura images have been around for centuries.

The idea that light and energy are fundamental components of life is a prominent concept in both Eastern and Western religious philosophies.  In the West, perhaps you’ve seen “aura images” depicted as halos in paintings of saints or Deity.  In Eastern religions, there are numerous depictions of the “chi,” or “prana,” surrounding individuals who seek enlightenment.

Historically, aura images have only been visible to specialists — individuals with a special gift or capacity to “see” the energy field surrounding human beings.  But in the late 1930s, a profound development occurred to provide everyday people access to beautiful images of their own auras.

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is the discovery of of Semyon Kirlian, a Russian inventor and researcher.  1939, he discovered that he could photograph the presence of an electrical field surrounding living things by sending an electric current through an object and capturing the aura image on a photographic plate.  In one of his earliest experiments, he took an aura photo of two identical leaves — but one of the images was strong and luminescent, while the other was weak and hard to see.  The strong image came from a leaf taken from a healthy plant, while the weak image was from a diseased plant.

Over the years, researchers and supporters have used Kirlian photography to determine the internal state of individuals by noting changes in the way the aura images appear on the photographic plates.

Biofeedback Aura Imaging and Aura Photography

These days, the most advanced type of aura imaging technology on the market is called biofeedback aura imaging. As opposed to Kirlian photography, which sends an electrical charge directly into the subject in order to produce an aura image on a photographic plate, biofeedback aura imaging uses sophisticated technology to read your electronic signature and then interprets the data as color.

In fact, many biofeedback aura imaging systems now provide complete interactive experiences, where you can learn in-depth about various aspects of your personality, lifestyle, and inner self — including comprehensive reports, various screens and views, and more.

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Aura Gallery

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