The Untold Benefits of the Aura Camera

August 16, 2015

The global economy is advancing in a rate that is mind-blowing. More than ever before, man has realized and harnessed the power of the mind. The aura camera is one such gadget that has completely changed the health and wellness market. It has opened up health and wellness avenues that were unheard of initially. Throughout history the power to see auras was reserved for the chosen few. However, with the advent of aura cameras everyone can now see their auras.
You may be wondering what the aura and aura camera are. Well, aura refers to the energy field that surrounds our human body. The aura represents a combination of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional energies. The aura is exhibited by a mixture of fine coloured frequencies with each colour portraying the individual’s nature and traits. With the use of sophisticated aura technology, these fine vibrations of auras can be detected, captured, analyzed and presented.
The aura camera on the other end refers to intelligent machines that are used to manage, explore, and analyze human energy. These highly sophisticated machines have been designed in such a way that they are customer-friendly and easy to use. Aura cameras are widely used by health practitioners and have enabled many transform their practices and businesses into a beehive of activity. Clients are now able to experience first-hand the mind-boggling representation of their energy.
The benefits of the Aura Camera
These machines not only provide positive health benefits but they also give emotional benefits. Here are some of the benefits;
• It facilitates real-time easy-to-comprehend information about the human aura or energy fields.
• It has the ability of ascertaining the state of body calmness.
• It offers extensive information that facilitates a greater understanding of potential health disorders.
• They help in monitoring internal energy, thereby enabling health and wellness professionals to better advice clients.
• The information or patterns generated by these systems can be printed for later use and therefore it necessitates an easy comparison of client past and present data.
• The aura technology is the software that allows clients to individually alter their own breathing or vitals if necessary.
• The monitoring and evaluation of rising energy levels is used by practitioners to better comprehend what action to be taken so as to prevent any future stress patterns. They can also be able to detect symptomatic stresses promptly.

Yet there are still more aura camera benefits!
1. To Wellness Practitioners
There is no better way of reaching out to your clients compared to the use of aura cameras. As a wellness expert, augmenting aura imaging and biofeedback technology alongside your other health and wellness techniques can go a long way in enhancing customer experience and help address complex health issues. Some of the wellness professionals who will find aura technology useful include Reiki, Masseuse, acupuncture, and energy healing. All these health practitioners will find the machine useful and should integrate it alongside other health programs for long-term benefits to the clients. The aura camera will afford you the following benefits;
• Clients are able to check their auras and chakras before and after treatment. Through this they are able to see real-time undiluted benefits of your service.
• Clients are able to keep check on their auras since they can see them first hand through aura imaging.
• As a practitioner being able to see real-time benefits of the service you offer helps you to legalize your business and services.
• There is a positive impact on your revenue generation since you can charge an additional fee for aura imaging. You can charge per session, report, or even per image.
2. The Retailer
The fact that many people are aura-conscious has increased the demand for aura services. Therefore, by installing the aura imaging system in your store you will bring in new business as a retailer. You can reap a lot of revenue by offering aura imaging and reading at your retail store. Below are some of the benefits you can get;
• Aura imaging will generate additional cash flow since you can charge per image, report, or image.
• Aura imaging has the potential of generating repeat business since clients will come back regularly as they monitor their progress.
• Aura reading will bring in new clients especially those looking for this particular service.
• By helping your clients understand the spiritual energy you not only benefit financially but you also help enhance your clients’ well-being.
3. For events and fairs
The aura camera and biofeedback machine technology can help you generate some constant flow of income during psychic fairs, health events, or even natural events. You can charge per photo session. You can easily get back what you spent in busying the machine. During these events you can benefit through the following ways;
• Aura cameras bring in a lot of traffic during social gatherings, events, and mixers.
• It facilitates easy interaction and exchange of ideas since guests can compare their aura reports.
• It can be fun and exciting if a large screen if provided where results are displayed for guests to see their results.
• The aura imaging and biofeedback equipment can generate some additional income during social events if you charge some fee per session, image, or report. It surely pays back within a short period of time.
• The aura technology can act as an entertainment item enabling guests to open up and share about their individual readings and experiences. They help bring in some positive energy and fun to events.

Aura imaging and biofeedback systems are designed to benefit not only the health and wellness practitioners but it is also designed to benefit any other health and wellness enthusiast. If you love anything to do with health and wellness and desire to earn something out of it then these machines should be included in your budget. From health fairs to wellness centers, the aura imaging and biofeedback equipment are trusted. They are not only customer-friendly but are easy to operate and generate easy to understand readings.

Understanding the Aura Colors

August 3, 2015

The concepts of an aura and chakras are extremely beneficial for a person as they can help in getting in touch with the inner self. Since auras are considered the window to the soul of a person, it can pave the way for a person to discover the world within. From a scientific standpoint, an aura is the energy field of a person that surrounds them. In order to get a proper idea of aura and what it says about your personality, you have to either see a person who is capable of seeing auras or have your portrait made via aura photography.
The use of an aura photography camera is the easiest and quickest means of reading auras. It presents the aura in the form of colors, with each color representing a different quality or trait of the person. The aura colors are available in a number of shades, each having a different meaning. The following is an explanation of what the different aura colors mean.
• Ultraviolet
People having an ultraviolet aura are usually very psychic and have strong mental capabilities. They are able to see things through the eyes of their mind and can think about concepts that have not been thought of before. Such people can become excellent clairvoyants.
• Violet
A violet aura is indicative of a magical personality. It means that the person is very imaginative and can create a world of his own in which magical beings comes to life. Such people have strong and finely tuned psychic abilities and are more interested in the ethereal than ordinary things.
• Light Violet
Light violet is a mixture of white and violet. People with such an aura are experiencing a spiritual awakening and are going through a period of synchronistic healing. They are capable of lifting the energies of the people around them just by their presence.
• Lavender
Having a lavender aura is a sign that the person has a magical inner glow about them. Such people are very spiritual in nature and give precedence to the meditation and spiritual activities of life.
• Blue/White
Blue/White is a combination of blue and white aura colors and indicates that the person is going through a restful phase in life with goals is to achieve inner peace. Such people are peaceful and loving in nature.
• Light Blue
A light blue aura is a sign that the person is sensitive, loving and spiritual in nature. Such people channel the divine white light and are capable of nurturing other people just by their presence.
• Blue
A blue colored aura means that the person is at peace with their inner self. They enjoy a period of tranquility in life. For such people, the purpose of their life is to create harmony in their environment.
• Aquamarine
People with an aquamarine aura are practical, sensitive and compassionate. They know how to help and encourage others. Such people are natural health-care workers, parents, teachers and counselors.
• Green
A green aura is indicative of an ambitious personality. People with this aura color usually lead organized and economical lives and are very goal-oriented. Such people prove to be excellent business owners as they have a strong strength about them.
• Yellow/Green
People with yellow/green aura are usually very curious about new ideas. They have a sharp intellect and are very idealistic in nature. Such people are naturally compassionate about other human beings.
• Green/Yellow
Having a green/yellow aura color indicates that the person is fun loving and inspiring in nature. Such people are very serious about accomplishing their goals in life and believe in idealism but are compassionate as well.
• Yellow
Yellow aura color is a sign of a happy and playful nature. People with such an aura color are like a laughing child that can find joy and fun in even the most boring of tasks.
• Gold
People having a gold aura usually are happy and optimistic towards life. They are very inspiring for others as their whole being radiates warmth and happiness.
• Golden Orange
Golden orange aura color is indicative of a creative and joyful personality. The person having this aura color usually likes socializing, making friends and having a good time anywhere and everywhere.
• Orange
Orange aura color is a sign of independence and originality. People with this aura color are artists at heart and are full of confidence, energy and enthusiasm.
• Red/Orange
A red/orange aura is indicative of a dynamic and creative personality. Such people are lively and entertaining and almost always are the life of a party. They are very charismatic and thus prove to be excellent artists and entertainers.
• Orange/Red
Having an orange/red aura means that the person has total confidence in his abilities and wants to show the people around him what he is made of. People with such aura color are usually very dynamic and creative in nature.
• Red
People with a red aura are full of energy and enthusiasm. They usually lead a very tough and action-packed life and find themselves at the limelight all the time.
• Infrared
Infrared band of colors is a sign that the person is going through a lot of emotions and is stressed and unbalanced. People with such aura colors are ambitious and want to have many adventurous experiences in the future.

Warning Signs You’ve Thrown Your Chakras Off Balance

June 20, 2015

How do you know if your chakras are out of balance? Does life begin to seem dull, negative, ailments appear? Do you need to go to a chakra energy healer or a therapist?

Luckily, it’s not too hard to find out if your chakras are in harmony or not. Using an aura camera can offers clear insight into possible problem areas. There are, however, certain warning signs which you should keep an eye on to know when your chakras are unstable. Chakras are interlinked and when one of them is blocked, others start to make up for the deficiencies caused by any chakra blockages by becoming either under-active or hyperactive. Your best bet is to start working from the root chakra all the way up the crown chakra and ensure all are balanced. This way, all are opened and providing optimal performance. Ok then, let’s talk about the indicators; a seven chakra test that will help you figure out which, if any, of your chakras are out of balance; but this is only the first step. To get your life back on the right track, you should know how to clear your chakras yourself.

1. Root Chakra
This is the first chakra or Muladhara. It’s at the lower end of your spine.
When Root chakra is balanced: This chakra is responsible for keeping us stable, and when it’s in balance, we feel we’re rooted to the ground and our self-confidence and self-preservation are at a high.
When Rook chakra is out of balance: Physical symptoms: problems with the lower parts of your body such as legs, feet, and rectum; issues with immune system, prostate gland, and male reproductive organs; arthritis, knee pain, and constipation; high/low blood pressure; fatigue.
Emotional symptoms: feeling insecure and/or worried about the basic necessities of life like money, accommodation, food
2. Sacral Chakra
The second chakra is called the Sacral Chakra, Svadisthana Chakra, Splenic Chakra, or Spleen Chakra. It sits about two inches below your belly button.
When sacral chakra is balanced: Your energy levels are high, you feel committed to life and willing to take risks. This indirectly results in improving your creativity and increasing

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