About Auras

An aura is a subtle field of electromagnetic energy that emanates from all human beings.  In Eastern religious traditions, it is thought to emerge directly from the chakras, and is expressed as a multi-colored body of light that surrounds a person.

The colors exhibited in an aura have specific meanings and reveal information about one’s true inner state.  Though they are reflective of a person’s core nature, auras often change and fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including external pressures, stress levels, physical fitness, emotional health, and more.

The more acquainted you become with your aura, the more in touch you can become with your core self — and in so doing, make choices and improvements that will help you live with greater satisfaction, harmony, and purpose.

Aura Gallery

See beautiful aura images and aura photography from around the world and throughout history.

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About AuraVS

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